Adhyatma Niketan, situated on koteshwar road is around 7 Kms. from Gwalior Railway station, where all the important trains of the Northern and Central Railways running between Delhi and Bombay (now Mumbai) as well as between Delhi and Madras (now chennai) stop. Gwalior is around 120 Kms K.m. from Agra. It can also boast of good accomodation in hotels for a decent and comfortable stay.

The Ashram day begins with the melodious chanting of Dhun at about 4.00 a.m., which lasts for an hour or so. The devotees are then served tea.

From times immemorial, great sages and spiritual saints have consecrated the length and breadthof the Indiansoil. The place which our saints selected for spiritual persiuts or meditation ultimately turned out to be pilgrimage spots for the masses. One such small piece of land was discovered by the Late Huzur Malik Saheb in 1961, and was purchase d by him for the sum of Rs. 12,000 /- in order to estab lish an Ashram. When the great saint Swami Vishnu Tirth Ji Maharaj vis ited Gwalior on 4.11.1961, the place was inaugrated and named 'Adhyatma Niketan'. It is spread over 2.5 acres of land at the foot-hill of the majestic Gwalior Fort. Until a few years ago, the adjoining area was also dotted by green patches, shrubs, trees etc., but with urbanization taking place at a stupendous speed, several posh colonies have mushroomed all around. However this green piece of land with many flowers and fruit trees all around is a spiritual site charged by waves of divinity. The rear part of Adhyatma Niketanis used as a residence by Sant Kripal Singh Ji Maharaj and his family members and the front part is donated to the trust called 'Adhyatmic Shikshan and Sadhana Kendra'. The Ashram is known as 'the Ashram' by the devotees. The Ashram is most modest and simple. It has one big and spacious auditoriumwhich is used as for satsang, spiritual discourses, Bhajan etc., especially on the occasions of the ashram's varios festivals, when a large number of devotees gather there. On the eastern side lies the Holy Samadhin of the late Huzur Malik Saheb. The Samadhi has sufficient space inside to accomodate around 200-250 devotees at a time for worship and meditation. Various kinds of stones including white marble have been used and its architectural beauty is superb. There are 4 rooms with attached bath and toilet and 6 rooms with seperate bath and toilets for visiting devotees including foreigners. Foreigners are advised to intimate their visit in advance so that suitable accomodation can be reserved. Simple Indian food which is easily digestible is cooked and served to devotees. there is no strict routine for day-to-day activities, however efforts are made to enforce self -discipline amongst devotees.

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